for the electronics industry. PIEK provides customized training programs worldwide for all those who have to deal with electronic modules and circuit boards: OEMs, production service providers for electronic components, subcontractors, rework and repair companies, PCB manufacturers & assembly operations, the automotive industry, armed forces, aviation businesses and others. PIEK, Global leader in training and consultancy for connecting electronics Today's manufacturing processes require high quality at a lower cost, leading little margin for rework or manufacturing inefficiency. Struggling to balance regulatory compliance and customer demands with downsized production? Frustrated with your employees substandard knowledge and skill leading to poor production quality? If you need superior training and certification that fits your tight budget, turn to PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.). PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.)’s training facilities provide your workforce with in-depth knowledge of product quality acceptability criteria for all facets of the design and manufacturing process, and our skill based courses as well as on the job training systems give your employees hands-on experience and knowledge in the correct methods and most efficient techniques of Designing, PCB Production, PCBA Production and Cable Wires including Fiber Optics. You will see an immediate significant increase in quality and production proficiency as well as gratified employees. Better yet, you consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) can provide instructor and operator training and certification for all of our skill-based courses and IPC certification. Your in-house instructors will gain the knowledge necessary to ensure quality skill based training as well as continuing education of your workforce. And PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.), Global leader in training and consultancy for connecting electronics is the premier worldwide authorized IPC training center, providing all current IPC certifications. Do your manufacturing processes require specialized training? PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) will develop customized training courses specially for your employees. In business since 1965, PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) is known the world over for our knowledgeable and experienced instructors, our commitment to lifelong customer relationships and our level of product and industry knowledge. In our 2013 customer satisfaction survey, clients claim PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) courses are taught in a relaxing atmosphere and put students at ease. PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) proudly supports transitioning veterans with our skills training and certification programs. Ready to boost employees’ skills and knowledge while exceeding product quality standards? Contact us today to put PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) to work for you.


A random selection of upcoming trainings, in order to indicate what kind of trainings PIEK International Education Centre (I.E.C.) provides. For more information on our courses, you can directly go to the product pages based on IPC standards: IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC J-STD-001, IPC-J STD-001ES Space, IPC-7711/21 & IPC Design. Or on the basis of the production process: PCB Design, PCB Manufacturing, PCB Assembly, PCB Repair & Rework, Wire Harness & Special Training Programs.

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